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  • The Perl Web Server is a very simple to use and configure web server written in Perl. It aims to be as cross-platform as possible. The goal is to make a web server as easy to use as Roxen, as modular as Apache, and as powerful as Perl!

    The current version is: 0.3

    Things that have changed since the last version:

    New to version 0.3:

    • Fixed bug [#125693] can't find index.cgi
    • Added support for ENV var 'REQUEST_URI' in mod_cgi
    • Added more questions to the
    • Added support for user web space (to handle requests like:, works on Windows too.
    • New modules:
      • PerlWebServer::Module::mod_ssi - handles server side includes

    New to version 0.2:

    • Many, many changes!
    • Added, for easy setup and install
    • Made checks to not fork unless running on a UNIX type machine
    • Made a server wrapper for the product_tokens daemon method
    • Created a basic module interface to the server
    • Pulled all CGI code out of the server, and made a module mod_cgi
    • Tried to be more cross-platform in carrage-returns, and file paths
    • Simplified coding to utilize HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response methods (still need work)
    • Fixed bug in Host header parsing
    • Added support for CGI file upload
    • Added 'AddModule' and 'AddType' directives to config file
    • New modules:
      • PerlWebServer::Misc
      • PerlWebServer::Module
      • PerlWebServer::Module::mod_cgi
      • PerlWebServer::Module::mod_homer
    • Fixed bug in CGI ENV vars